Minutes #1

École Secondaire Hugh McRoberts Secondary School
Dry Grad Committee – Meeting #1
Date: October 25, 2021 (Monday)
Time: 6:00pm-7:20pm
Location: Zoom
Attendees: Neil, Dave, Colleen, Susan, Christine, Haydee, Teresa, Joanna, Lynda, Mona, Dinesh, Jenny, Nathalie,
Amane, Michelle, John, SD, Winnie, Angus, Michelle, Oleg

  1. Welcome & Introduction
    ● Information from PAC Chair – Dave – PAC to subsidize Dry Grad;
    ● Information from Neil – Principal – more update by February in terms of restriction; no dancing is allowed at this time; information/binders are available from previous Dry Grad; can provide access to décor, supplies, etc.; thanking the committee; feel free to reach out;
    ● Information from Colleen – 2021 Dry Grad; fun, safe, engaging, preparation, teamwork, communication, volunteers, roles, responsibilities, videos of preparation are available
  2. Dry Grad event overview (previous DAG video – DAG 2019 (Paris Theme) DAG 2021 (Enchanted Forest Theme)
    ● The videos were shared to the attendees.
  3. Dry Grad positions
    ● Executive
    Co-Chair – Susan
    Co-Chair – Christine
    Secretary – available
    To maintain the records, minutes of the meetings
    Treasurer – available
    Money is available to use as deposit for this year and will be replenished for next year.
    Balance the books
  4. Sub Committee (Parents/Volunteers)
    Action: subcommittees connect and choose a champion among them.
    a. Entertainment – Activity
    Linda, Lynda, Joanna, Sue,
    b. Décor (Theme related)
    Michelle, Dinesh, Jenny, Winnie, Nathalie
    c. Fundraising/ Donation/ Grant
    Teresa, Mona, Susan, Pam
    d. Food and Beverage – finger food, bubble tea, theme related
    Haydee, Michelle, Linda, Jenny
    e. Security – entrance/exit / Transportation – Buses for 190 +/- graduates
    Mona, Dinesh, Oleg, Christine, Cynthia
    A separate sub-committee meeting/ communication is recommended for updates prior to the monthly meeting.
    (Parents, please indicate your preferred sub-committee – champion or member in the google form:
    https://forms.gle/YKezaDdqqzvX8Mw38, in the meeting or via email)
  5. Theme (ideas)
    a. Hollywood /Red Carpet 2020; E-Game Night; Retro/Dance; Enchanted Forest 2021; Beach; Travel/
    Around the World; Paris 2019;
  6. Logistics
    a. When (right after the dinner dance), where (Gym, corridor, entrance)
    b. Income – $50 each student fee + $20 each student from PAC + fundraise + donation + grants
    c. Expenses – security, 1st aid, food and beverage, transportation (3 school buses – $4K?), Décor, activity / entertainment (karaoke, gaming table, movie theatre games, DJ /music, giveaway, prizes)
  7. Discussion:
    ● Dry Grad – When – June 24, 2021
    ● November 1st week – to start the fundraising –
    ● Fundraising subcommittee to organize Pub night in November. Will ask for November 27th, 2021
    ● To set up Purdys in December – Action Michelle can organize from school end after getting info from Colleen re: Purdy contact
    ● Décor available – Christmas trees; Paris; Lots of Lights; Décor sub committee to meet and check the available Décor prior to Nov 8 meeting
    ● Theme not yet set – suggested an Around the World – each room/each country;
    ● Want theme to work with casual – dress down; chill out
    ● Could incorporate country specific food/music/activity; – which countries to include?
    ● Activities could include:
    ● e-games
    ● Trivia Online Games
    ● Colleen has offered to provide the information for each sub-committee
    ● Susan will connect everyone with contact info for their teams
    ● Encourage more volunteers to sign up and join in the fun
  8. Next meeting – November 8, 2021 – 6PM to 7PM;
  9. December meeting: December 6, 2021 6PM to 7PM
  10. Meeting adjourned at 7:20P
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