Minutes #2

École Secondaire Hugh McRoberts Secondary School
Dry Grad Committee – Meeting #2
Date: November 8th, 2021 (Monday)
Time: 6:00pm-6:56pm
Location: Zoom
Attendees: Susan, Christine, Colleen, Cynthia, Dinesh, Hyongjeng, Jenny, Nathalie, Michelle, Teresa, Olivia, Ronda L,
Samir, Iain and Sharon Sinclair, Trudy, Winnie, Sue, Joanna, Mona, Haydee

  1. Welcome & Introduction
  2. Theme (ideas)
    o Around the World – Whistler, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Paris, London
    o To tie in the décor, food, entertainment, and activities with each country/ city
    o Adventure awaits; Dr. Seus – cartoon decor; City Escapes -Monte Carlo, Caribbean – beach volleyball, New York, Paris and Tokyo;
    o Passports to stamp to each activities – to draw the prizes;
    o Check-in station – baggage claim;
    o Student ideas – London – dance, Straub lights, DJ playlist; Paris – décor available, coffee, art activity, mural, no photos; Tokyo – karaoke, games; Las Vegas – hypnotize, casino, pricey?; Whistler – trees, hot chocolate, simulator; Caribbean – lots of beverages; at the end – slide show; electronic games,
    multiplayer games, big screen, Nintendo; Casino – monopolized by certain group -can limit the time for everybody to go around;
    o Bingo games with prizes
    Adventure Awaits Theme with 5 locals to be decided on soon is voted to be the Theme for this year’s DAG.
  3. Sub-committee Reports
    Security/ Transport
    o Budget for bus – 4 busses – $ depending on quote we choose
    o Security – Unicorn is the cheapest for $27/hr; level 1 first aid – $30/hr; Pacific Protect – price is close; both were used before – 3 guards, 1 first aid
    o Pioneer Pub – parent pub night dinner, Saturday, 6pm to 9pm, November 27, poster to put up when the date is confirmed
    o Purdys – $2000 sold so far, approximately $500 raised, 2 volunteers needed to handout the chocolates. Michelle will find out if delivery to school will be Dec 2nd or Dec 10th
    o Christmas – decorating kit – $28 – Dec 4 cut off to order, delivery Dec 12, 13 – 2-3 volunteers needed to help with the cookies – contact Teresa to sign up
    o Donuts for DAG – to pick up mid Dec;
    o Traditional DAG – therefore no need for swag bag
    o Donation request of parents; donation forms – $20 and above with tax receipt; – Colleen to send the form to Fundraising Committee Entertainment
    o to choose the maximum value, with reasonable budget
    o to depend on the budget
    o to refine the list
    o Combination of games that are for the full group and others that are for midsized groups would be really beneficial
    o Décor – City scapes décor to be inspected
    o to create the list with what décor is available to use
    o To pick the 5 cities – then the Décor to check the inventory
    Food and Beverage
    o Waiting to confirm the 5 City to align the planning of the food and beverage
    o 5 members in the committee so far
    o To set up the sub-committee communication Apps (i.e. whatsapp, messenger)
    Action: All remaining binders shall be distributed to each sub-committee by the end of the week.
    Action: Champions of every sub-committee are being asked to discuss budget numbers with Yvette before the end of November.
  4. Next meeting – December 6, 2021 – 6pm to 7pm
  5. Meeting adjourned at 6:56PM

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