Minutes #6

École Secondaire Hugh McRoberts Secondary School
Dry Grad Committee – Meeting #6

Date: Feb 28, 2022 (Monday)
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Location: Zoom
Attendees: Susan, Yvette, Joanna, , Susie, , Lynda, Elizabeth, Mona, s.dancer, Michelle, Oleg, Vania, Winnie,
Dinesh, Haydee

  1. Welcome

2. Covid-19 BC Health orders as of this date:
− Cautiously optimistic – DAG committee to continue planning on both plans
− Another update from the school is expected in mid-March

3. Treasurer’s reports
− Budget needed $25,043.01 – confirmed that PAC will contribute $20 per student
− Additional funding required is $6700
− Outline for reimbursement of the committee expenses; send the receipt to Yvette, she can either issue the check or have the school office issue to save on GST
− 2 accounts – parents account and school account – total $3,628 – opening account
− Kevin d Magician – booked and paid $825
− See below Budget report updated 2022.02.27

4. Souvenir Suggestions/ ideas
− Scarf giveaway quotation to decide by the team – $3100
− Scarves – Ruff Neck or Sports – 2 option HD (thin) and Classic (thick); 3 designs to choose; order should be by mid-April to get it by mid-June; $15 or $17.dollars each
− To discuss and decide next meeting
− Each sub-committee to suggest souvenir next meeting

5. Sub-committee reports:
− Decorations for each city – presented
− Tokyo Dance Club/entertainment / foods tents with lights
− Entrance – toast/champagne mocktail

− Plan A – $5700, Plan B – $7200, Plan C – $11500 – estimated cost presented
− Entertainment for each city was presented
− Notes and questions from entertainment/activities presented and discussed
− 2 TV from the school; Wii can be from the parents;
− Tattoo vs caricature – a good souvenir to bring; Susan shall check on caricature;
− Cost of GST to be separated in the spreadsheet to get the refund for school use
− Plan A entertainment are all confirmed at this time
− To check caricature with tattoo and remove roulette- to check the budget
− Roulette needs bigger area
− Photographer – to go to the Hotel for the Dinner and Dance and take pictures for the grads Michelle to check with photographer
− Poker vs roulette ?? to check the budget
− Allotment to 50 kids not paying – who will cover the cost, School or DAG? Susan to confirm
− To book the roulette, tattoo / caricature by mid March after the update because its not a refundable deposit

Food and beverage
− F & B Team – 8 members – Ian, Sharon/ Linda/ Susie / Samir / Sarah/ Joyce /Haydee
− Budget: $2000 for 200 students and volunteers
− Proposed list of food and drinks presented as well as essential items
− Table décor, backdrop, banner- school inventory to check items that can be used

Security and Transportation
− 3 buses need volunteer parents
− Main contact/volunteer at the school – to check PAC, Grade 11 parents – Mona to check with Colleen
− To check volunteer who are willing to signup to stay in school and not go to the dinner-dance
− Bins – to ask Grads to bring their own suit/dress garment bag with label
− Need hanging rack for dress clothes

Fundraising/ Donations / Grants
− We have 4 volunteers to make posters and 14 to do the car wash – total. Email Teresa if you have another volunteer for either posters or car wash.
− Spring break carwash -Spring break holiday, March 12, Saturday 1pm to 4pm, –prepare list – hose, bucket, soap, sponges, extension cord, vacuum cleaner – Susan to share the list
− last day to buy the chocolates; minimum of 4 boxes sold will receive entry for the raffle for gift cards – March 10 to pick up after school
− gaming license confirmed for the online school raffle – prizes -Apple Airpods, Maple leaf driving lesson, 4 gift cards
− Herbaland–will donate to the goodie bags -Electrolyte gummies for the DAG

6. Website
Website is updated accordingly with the new information
− DAG is accessible thru the school website
− Thermometer needs updating with new amounts from fundraising and PAC grant money

7. New Business – No new business

8. Next meeting – March 28, 2022 – 7pm to 8pm – in person (McRoberts)

9. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

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