Minutes #8

École Secondaire Hugh McRoberts Secondary School
Dry Grad Committee – Meeting #

Date: April 25, 2022 (Monday)
Time: 7:00pm
Location: McRoberts School library
Attendees: Sue, Lynda, Joanna, Ian, Sharon, Susie, Yvette, Dinesh, Winnie, Del, Michelle, Nathalie, Mona, Teresa, Elizabeth

  1. Welcome
  2. Covid-19 BC Health orders: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/info/restrictions
    ● Indoor organized gatherings of any size are currently allowed. Examples include: Sponsored or ticketed parties, celebrations
  3. Treasurer’s report

Budget Summary updated – April 4, 2022, minor change from last time, as follows:
– Total Funding $ 26,445; Total Expenditure (budget) – $26,437
Fundraising this period:
– Carwash – $1316; Chocolate – $624 – sold 24 cases
– Parents Dinner – April 2, 2022 – $ 439
– Donation – $ 1300

  1. Fire and safety plan
    • Detail map complete information required
    • Encourage volunteers to help set up, inspections
    • Volunteers needed for:
      • 1 volunteer to know everything about plan and to be second contact person
      • 4 buses, 2 parents each bus, need at least 12 volunteers to join the bus, and return to organize,
    • Sign up planner, with task
    • Plan for Thursday to set up and whole day Friday
    • Bus to schedule 5pm to leave; return to school at 11pm; hotel dinner dance 6pm to 11pm
    • DAG event 12pm to 5pm
    • Volunteer to check the back packs for Weds and Thurs afternoon
    • Night before volunteers to check around, bathroom, lockers, etc.
  2. Sub-Committee Huddles: (sub-committee meetings conducted)
    • Décor & Entertainment
    • Food and Beverage
    • Security and Transportation
    • Fundraising
      (Parents, please indicate your preferred sub-committee – in the google form/ link https://forms.gle/YKezaDdqqzvX8Mw38 in the meeting or via email)
  3. Sub-Committee reports
    1. Fundraising
      • Raffle is open until May 1st
      • Carwash #02– May 14 (Saturday), 1pm -4pm, need volunteers
      • Yvette to prepare the E-transfer, google app to manage payment; to provide to Danish
    2. Entertainment
      • Budget for caricature artist to check
      • Just dance and DJ need separate spots
      • Poker dealers, shifts, need volunteers
    3. Food and Beverage
      • Inventory to check, clean, item to use
      • Arrange to deliver beverages to the Food Room on Thursday -June 23
      • To rent the table cover and dessert stand
      • Food and beverage presented menu
    4. Security and Transportation
      • Coat rack discussion led to deciding to have coat racks after all.
    5. Décor
      • Balloon arch; coordinate the color; cloth banner; stand alone banner; cocktail tables,
      • 1st part – snapshot; Eiffel tower; Christmas trees, snow flakes, Hawaii, spike board,
      • New gym – volleyball, spike ball, or blow up ball set to be used
      • Christmas lights – to check inventory
  4. Other Items and Actions
    1. Mona:
      • Prescription medication – to check with VP Kevin Lee
    2. Joanna:
      • Coat rack/ rolling rack to rent; table cloth; dessert table, cocktail table
      • All subcommittees to provide the items for rent to Joanna for outsourcing
    3. All sub-committees:
      • Get volunteers roles and responsibilities for the final week to Yvette by May 4th.
    4. Consider that First Dance at Dinner Dance parents may be attend
    5. Thursday set up everything and roll out on Friday
    6. Food and Beverage:
      • Access to food room – Thursday to bring the beverages – Room 130
    7. Yvette:
      • Summary of volunteer assignments – to provide to Yvette by May 4, 2022
  1. Next meeting: May 9, 2022 – 7pm
    • Volunteer summary – confirmed May 4, 2022
    • Cost Estimate confirmed
    • Rental cost – estimate
  2. Adjournment
    • 8:40pm
    • Thank you all
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