Minutes #9

École Secondaire Hugh McRoberts Secondary School
Dry Grad Committee – Meeting #

Date:                    May 09, 2022 (Monday)

Time:                    7:00pm

Location:             McRoberts School library

Attendees:          Mona, Samir,  Dinesh,  Michelle,  Del, Nathalie,  Lynda,  Joanna, Susie C,  Sharon, Iain, Susie, Winnie, Agnes, Haydee, Susan

  1. Welcome
  2. Christine informed Susan that she could no longer act as the Co-chair but will still help as a committee member.
    • Covid-19 BC Health orders: There are no restrictions on events currently


  1. Treasurer’s report (see attached Budget Summary)
    • 60 students have paid DAG to date
    • Yvette requested the expense estimate from each committee
    • Fundraising committee has provided the money needed and if ticket sales are low, food and prizes will be adjusted
  2. Volunteer task assignment spreadsheet update
    • Yvette has created the spreadsheet with a volunteer tab and a “wish list for borrowing” tab
    • All subcommittees are busy populating the spreadsheet with their volunteer/wish list needs
  3. Grad prizes discussion
    • Susan will resend the DAG letter Teresa and Susan made to request donation for prizes
    • Allocated $3500 for prizes
    • To wait until June 10, 2022 to finalize
  4. Sub-Committee Huddles: (sub-committee meetings conducted)
  5. Sub-Committee reports
    • Fundraising
      • Saturday May 14, Carwash event (student & parent volunteers needed 12:30 – 4:30)
    • Entertainment
      • photographer to come to the dinner for 3 hrs then DAG even
      • magician, confirmed, ordering tables, Ping-Pong – to check with Mr Clemente
      • do we need to tip the dealer, etc.  budget $7300
      • can raffle the spike ball at the end
      • volunteers needed, 2 parents on each location in case something happen
      • volunteers can come and go, or in shifts
      • timing of setup, schedule towards the evening -master schedule
      • magician moves around rooms and poker tables to conduct magic
    • Food and Beverage
      • inventory to check next Tuesday, to check the office
      • 5 centerpieces will be coming from décor
      • Budget total $1998.00; Superstore $430, Save On Food -$631
      • 5 eating table, 3 rectangle food, beverages table
      • To include food for the volunteers – 30 volunteers
    • Security and Transportation
      • Application 25-30 volunteers, 1 parent is to 7 students
      • Masterlist should include all the volunteers – all adults
      • The bus is booked to pick the kids at 4:30pm to 5pm from school and pick them up from hotel at 11pm
      • Prescription drugs, check with Kevin; EpiPens needed will be with the Grads
      • Access to Rm 130 to deliver the bin, labelled – masking tape
    • Décor
      • reusing the Whiteside Eiffel tower, Susan to find out from the school if we can use it
      • set up items, check the storage on May 13, check the lights
      • budget $2500 for décor, buying some items to be re-used
      • Dinesh will buy the specific tape to use on the floor from Home Depot
  6. Other Items
    • Joanna to attend the next week’s PAC meeting, in Susan’s absence
    • rental request needs to go to School District
  7. Next meeting – May 30, 2022 – 7pm
  8. Adjournment – 9pm

Thank you all!

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