Hi everyone,
Thanks for attending our first 2022 DAG meeting!
You will note that I have copied your email addresses within the group email so you have access to each other.
I will soon be sending contact info including phone numbers within the smaller subcommittees.
The minutes are attached to this email and in them you will see who is on each subcommittee as of right now.
Many of you indicated you were willing to be on more than one subcommittee.  We’ve done our best to divide numbers as evenly as possible and remember who was going to do what, however, if a mistake has been made or you would prefer to be on a different subcommittee, please let Christine or me know this week and we can adjust accordingly.
And one more important message…
Together we are going to do amazing things this year, and not only are the Grads going to have fun , so are we!
Can’t wait for Pub night! 😃
Save the unconfirmed date for Saturday, November 27th!

With gratitude,Susan Ness and Christine Loy
Co-Chairs for 2022 DAG

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